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GREX for Investors

Invest in high growth, unlisted companies, with an alpha team and a proven business model.

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Mature Start-ups and Growth SMEs having already proven their investment validity. 

Deals empowered by 'Sponsor’ 

An unbiased 3rd party financial mentor giving extra assurance to Investors. 

Technologically more Transparent 

GREX is India's first blockchain empowered share registry (powered by REGKO) - bringing more transparency for investors

Information and Ongoing updates 

We make it easy to stay up to date on how your portfolio companies are performing with regular updates on the platform

Carefully Curated Companies

Mature Startups

With at least one round of prior funding 

GREX Investors

Growth SME

With above average growth rate 

GREX is India's first blockchain empowered share registry (powered by REGKO) - thus bringing more transparency for investors

Secured by Blockchain Tech. 

Simple Process to Invest 


Get your KYC done

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Add interesting companies to your watch list 


Invest while these companies raise capital


Monitor the companies progress right from your dashboard 


Get an option to exit via proposed GREX Private Liquidity Platform - *Coming Soon

Information contained herein does not construe any offer of investment in Companies, or any kind of assistance, invitation or solicitation for the same, directly or indirectly, by GREX. Investment in unlisted companies have limited liquidity and involves high risk and hence Members, Participants and Users of this Platform are requested to exercise necessary caution and do their own independent diligence for any kind of investment decision. GREX is not a Stock Exchange and does not intend to get recognized as a stock exchange under Securities Contracts Regulation Act, 1956, as GREX does not enable any kind of trading and public issue of securities. All available content and information at GREX is legally privileged and restricted for any kind of distribution.